Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Social Media Validation

I am always amused when people use their social media as a validation to their purpose in life. Like defining their existence by the number of likes they get on Facebook or Instagram, or being validated by the number of followers they have on Twitter.

But seriously, when a post or picture is made for the sole reason of generating likes, does that make the post relevant? I could post a naked picture and get a ton of likes (or not, lol), but what value has that added to my life except giving me an opportunity of making an utter fool of myself?

And to those who think amassing a ton of followers means relevance, for $40 you can buy a 1,000 followers on Twitter, which is simply a ton of fake computer generated profiles. I suppose when ones profile reflects 300,000 or a million, some take it as an achievement. But not if 3/4 of it are computer generated fake followers.

I'm not so much concerned about this mentality prevailing in the secular world, because that is to be expected. When people dont have a core conviction of purpose, anything becomes their bane of existence. My concern is when Christians get caught up in this rat race of social media validation. How does living to be validated by some strangers online constitute to the expectation of Christ for us to die to self?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, do not get caught up in the prevailing foolishness in the world. A bunch of likes on your page, or a ton of followers does not make you relevant. If that were the case, reality TV stars and porn stars must be the most relevant people existing in life right now!

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