As a 10 year old child, my dream wasn't to be a doctor, lawyer, banker or even a pop star. It was to be the first black pope! Suffice to say, I'm no longer a catholic, but I have completely embraced my destiny as a spiritual, political and social leader.

I have served as a worship minister in several different ministries, most notably serving under my beloved Papa, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa in Nigeria.

I have a past of being a Meth addict, along with the dysfunction that came with it - promiscuity, perversion, depression, homelessness & suicide attempts. I also know of the mercy and grace of God that saw me through my rehab process.

I am the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI), an online non profit Christian ministry. 
In Jan 2012 I officially published my first book, "The Greatest of these Three". My second book titled "Confessions of a Tortured Soul", was published summer of 2014, and it is a collection of poems and essays expressing my journey from dysfunction to redemption. In July of 2015, I published my "Shalimar" which is a controversial novel about befriending and attempting to proselyte a trans woman, and facing my insecurity and fears regarding society's criticism and validation. In 2016, I published "The Covenant", my most revealing work yet about my journey (all my books are available on Amazon) 

In 2015, I launched a new company, Promo Inc, an entertainment firm that includes an independent record label, a publishing house, brand promoting and online magazine. 
I am also a recording artist, with several singles on iTunes, and an unofficial EP on Bandcamp. My latest single is "Song of Destiny", a classical crossover song, available where all fine music are sold digitally

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