Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Exposing or not, of a Child Molester

Okay, so the picture depicted above is one of a TSA agent frisking a child, and supposedly harmless. It represents perfectly the seemingly harmless appearance of a child predator, while beneath the surface something perverted could be going on.

After hearing of Stephen Collins (the Father in the hit TV show "7th Heaven") alleged confession to a therapist about molesting several children being made public, it raised several disturbing questions.

1. If a molester is going to be outed for confessing, what message is being sent? In the overall picture of things, do we want molesters to seek help, or go as far underground as possible? And secrecy is the exact environment for such vices to flourish in.

2. We always act shocked and flabbergasted when a face is named as a molester. What did we expect a molester to look like? A vampire? A zombie dripping with blood? A one eyed bandit? Of course not. A molester is usually a very endearing and welcoming person, one that is lovable. How else can he endear himself to kids innocently?

3. There is going to have to be a more effective way of addressing molestation. To take pitch forks and run after a molester obviously isnt working. Maybe having programs in place to address molestation without the fear of punishment. Why? Because a teenager who may have such tendencies may be coaxed to come forward, and have this issue addressed without consequences, rather than hide in the shadows nurturing this issue until it blows up into a full fledged predator stalking kids and preying on them.

Child predators are rampant all over the world, and most victims never really come out and cry wolf. They suck it up, and learn to live with their fractured psyche and foundation, while the general population continues believing that the best way to deal with this is to create an atmosphere where predators do not seek help.

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