Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Billy Ray Harris Story

In the midst of so many tragic life disrupting stories we hear and read everyday, it is always a blessing to read about people acting with character and virtue in spite of their situation, and reaping the reward of their efforts.

Billy Ray Harris was a homeless man pan handling. Sarah Darling mistakenly dropped her expensive diamond ring in his cup. Instead of getting all crafty and shady to sell the ring (which was worth $4,000), he patiently waited for her to return to get it. She was so impressed, she decided to help start a fund for him online. The fund in return raised over $190,000. Billy sought help with the money, which was invested wisely for him. He now has a new car, bought a house, is about to open his own business.....and was united with his long lost family on national TV!
The miracle he needed to turn his life around was just one good and honest gesture away. To think if he had decided to keep the ring, his life would still be stuck in the dysfunctional cycle it was in.

Your life altering and destiny changing miracle might just be one honest and virtuous gesture from you.

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