Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Freedom is not really free; someone paid a price for it. The freedoms we enjoy here in America, and even in the world, was paid for with the lives of people. Can you imagine what the world would be like if Hitler had won? What distorted reality would we currently be living? Or if America hasn't stationed itself as the Pillar of Hope for the world, against rogue rulers and nations? America has become the standard of the world, a land of opportunities, incredible possibilities and personal liberties and freedoms.
As a Christian, I understand what it means for someone to give his life to earn me freedom. And unfortunately, it is so easy to take such a sacrifice for granted. We all are living or pursuing the American Dream, and this we owe to those who gave their lives in service to securing and protecting this dream we live.

Thank you to all the men and women who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Your sacrifice is not in vain.

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