Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never too early/ Never too late

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if the childhood dreams you had were actually encouraged? These days, we are noticing child prodigies who are fortunate enough to receive support from their families to pursue their dreams in ages as early as 10 years. Jackie Evancho, a 10 year old who happened to be the 1st runner up in America's Got Talent, is an opera singer. Her parents had invested financially and emotionally in her gift at an early age. Today, she's a multi platinum recording artist. Above is the picture of C.J.Senter, a 10 yr old who is being considered a child prodigy in the physical training field. Read his story here.

Thank God for second chances. Some of us may not have received the support or investment needed as a child to pursue our childhood passions and dreams. Some may have let the dreams die, but one thing I know, God is the same God who raise "Lazaruses" from the dead, even after being dead for 4 days, and already rotting. God WILL awaken and restore lost childhood dreams, all we need to do is dare to believe.

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