Monday, July 25, 2011

Under the Shadow of Drugs

I did not want to write anything about Amy Winehouse, as it would be rather cruel to malign her in death, or grossly hypocritical to deify her talents divorced from her issues. Besides, everyone and their mama are writing about her.

To state the facts, the cause of her death is as yet undetermined, but judging from her public and failed battles at rehabing, one can presume drugs were involved. Which brings me to this write up - Living under the shadow of drug abuse.

I completely understand being caught up in the throes of drug abuse, to the point where one's self esteem, worth and purpose is completely derided. And it is not as if one isnt aware that the habit is aborting everything good and meaningful in one's life......its just that the grip is like an unreal possession; a spiritually malevolent force seducing and bewitching.

Amy was a victim of the industry, in my opinion. Her pain and trauma were her muse. Her creativity was birthed from the chaos. "They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no no no" - a confessional about rebelling against seeking help, and it was a huge hit! "Back to black", an eerily poignant reflection of her dysfunction, was another affecting track, and it too was ladden with her confession of her mess.
The album was a huge hit, and she was rewarded with grammy awards. But what did her label and management do to rescue her from her demons?
Even if it turns out that she died of none drug related issues, still, I personally believe her management and label were just there to milk her creativity, without actively trying to rehab her.

Nobody is beyond being rescued, they just need to want to. Cut off or sanction ones income to drugs, and some sense of reality begins to sink in. Let them hit rock bottom, and intervention begins to make sense.
(Thats a word for someone dealing with a drug addiction scenario)

I was impressed with Amy's voice and how it captured her aches and rebellion, and expressed it nonchalantly. Too bad, another talent has been snuffed.

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