Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live Your Dream (Tofu Tofu dancers story)

It often sounds cliche when you hear someone say "Live your dream", but it is real.

The story of the Tofu Tofu dancers of Mozambique is another classic example. These three young man living in Mozambique upload a video of themselves dancing their traditional dance on YouTube. Just a simple gesture of sharing their passion with the world.
However, that video was stumbled upon by Beyonce, one of the world's biggest popstars. Something about their choreography and originality struck her. So a year or more later, while working on her new project, she decides to search for them since none of the L.A. dancers could capture the essence of the dance. It took 3 months of trying to track them down, but eventually she found them through the help of the embassy. She flew them to L.A., and had them not only choreograph, but appear in her latest video. Talk about breakthru!
Dreams do come true if you simply do your "little" part in living your dream, and let God take care of the rest.
Below is the original video of the Tofu Tofu dancers, and then Beyonce's video.

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