Thursday, July 28, 2016

PURITY (Behind the concept & creation)

PURITY, is a series of spoken scriptures on sexual purity that I recorded. This project started from a personal level. It is no secret that I have a promiscuous past. Becoming a Christian did not automatically imbue moral character and virtue in me. As I tried to figure out how to change my moral character, I came across a scripture

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...." Romans 12:2

The transformation I sought was in the renewing of my mind by the word.
So I gathered every scripture I could find addressing sexual immorality, edited them down, and began reading it daily. I meditated on it for it to renew my mind.
But being human, it soon became boring trying to read the same scriptures daily over and over. So I decided to record them over music, so I could easily listen to them anytime, as I sought my transformation.
This was my private venture. But I got convicted to share it with the world. Others struggle too with sexual purity, and if I found something to help me, then I ought to share it. I have to give credit to Solomon Sparrow for understanding my concept, and helping me to create the needed music.
PURITY is available also to down on iTunes so you can listen to it anytime to transform your life, by the renewing of your mind. Also, please share with anyone who you know it may be a blessing to. All praise and glory to God.

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