Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Covenant - new ebook release

I finally have published my newest and most revealing work yet, simply titled "The Covenant".
This is an ebook that discusses the several suicide attempts I have done, the traumatic episodes that led to these, my frame of mind of processing the trauma and concluding that suicide was the best route, the actual experience of it, and the epiphany and salvation I resolved at.

It is me finally shredding the last facade of myself, and owning my power and my story with no apologies whatsoever.
It is available for purchase and download at the Amazon Kindle store. (download the free Kindle app to your phone/ tablet/ipad/reader and search for the title or author)

As part of my promotional campaign, I am going to be a featured guest on the TV show "Books of the Month" on Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV, before a live audience. The taping will be in Florida next week, and I will keep you posted on the date it would air on TV.

Thank you for all your support.


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