Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shalimar - Behind the story

In the early 2000's, meeting a transexual was the rarest thing. They were mainly visible on campy daytime talk shows like Jerry Springer, etc. So meeting and "befriending" one, as a young Christian was completely out of my realm to process. Between trying to share my faith and the gospel message, and yet trying to understand and process it all, I was completely out of my depth. Coupled with the fact that all my insecurities and complexes came rippling to the surface!
"Shalimar" is this story. Available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle for $2.99. If the story touches you, please share with friends. If it annoys you, my apologies for bringing it to you. I know I might ruffle feathers on both sides, and that really isn't my intention. My intention is to share the learning experience I gained through it all

Here's the link to purchase my ebook at Amazon Kindle store for only $2.99 -"Shalimar"

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