Monday, August 5, 2013

From Crystal Meth to Christ

This past weekend, I decided to do an online search for Christian groups that addressed Crystal meth use, and the results were very limited. The very few groups I found that dared to address this, though were coming from a place of compassion, were completely clueless in the struggles involved. The majority of help out there seemed to be from the secular world. As helpful as these were, somehow they fell short in addressing some spiritual issues, like filling the void inside with eternal things, dealing with "shadow people", etc.

And of course, the more I dismayed at how the church doesnt have a present resource to directly address this issue, the more God stirred my heart that I may have been called and raised up for a purpose as this. Yes, I am an ex meth user, and although Christ has been the answer to my sobriety, I too had to follow the secular route for support because the church lacked any support that directly addressed meth use.

That being said, I have decided to start up a Facebook and Twitter page to support those who are struggling with meth use, or have come out of it. The difference however is, this is going to be from a Christian point of view. I applaud all the secular meth anonymous groups out there, but it is time a Christian one is there too, offering an empathetic and knowledgeable support.

I would appreciate advice, suggestions, support, etc from anyone as I embark on this new project. I can be emailed at


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