Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preacher's Daughter Reality Show

With the popularity of reality shows, I know there have been several attempts to have a reality show with Christian components being shown in it. Hollywood Exes shows Will Smith's ex wife who happens to be a Pastor's wife; Mary Mary have their's, and I think several popular bishops and ministers have made appearances in different secular reality shows. This latest venture however, I'm no so sure of.

Three prodigal daughters of preachers showing their dysfunction on TV. How is this benefiting their parents cause? One of the daughters says she wants to be a porn star, and her parents are filming all this on tv. Is a paycheck that desperate? Are offering donations low in the church, so they have to resort to reality tv to make some ching ching? Or is it all in pursuit of fame?

I completely understand the daughters doing this. They have nothing to lose by doing this in their thirst for fame. Airing one's dirty laundry on TV has always been a big hit. But for the preacher parents, how is this enhancing their ministry (besides the paycheck)?

We are in the last days.......


  1. Don't forget the stripper preaching, exposing herself and GCB. Assuming that show still exists on television.

    1. Oh yeah, I did see a video of her on youtube and was completely shocked at how she could reconcile her preaching with how she was sexually portraying herself.


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