Monday, February 13, 2012

Majek Fashek - A comeback??

I was web surfing and came across this picture of Majek Fashek, and an interview of a comeback. After reading the article, two things were obvious: Either he was still hooked on drugs and was in denial, or he was too ashamed of his past addiction to admit it. Any of these two scenarios meant he wasnt ready to pursue sobriety headlong. As a former drug addict, one thing is obvious - rehab and sobriety does not happen in denial. One cannot overcome an ever looming demon or nightmare while attempting to pretend it never existed.
In his prime, Majek was on the verge of becoming an international star. Its a shame that somehow he is attempting a comeback now, and refusing to address the big ol elephant in the room.

This is 2012. The ravages of drugs on the lives of people in society are prevalent. It is a complete travesty for someone to attempt a comeback, and not attempt to center stage the addiction that derailed them in the first place. Especially when said addiction is a societal scourge. There is a social responsibility to be met at the very least if one is planning some form of comeback.

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