Monday, February 13, 2012

Anointed yet Traumatized - Whitney Houston!

Everybody in the world is writing something about Whitney, and it mostly has been an outpouring of love. Of course there are the few crazies who enjoy demonizing folks, but that's life.

The only prayer I always had in my heart for Whitney had always been that she would address her addiction more directly. As someone whop has struggled with addiction, and I know how violating it can be, I was always saddened that her interviews never showed a 100% investment in the fight to rehab.
The anointing on her life was obvious. All you had to do was listen to her voice, and you could perceive the touch of God on her life. But like every incredibly anointed person, there is always some trauma or struggle that results in a breaking or crushing. And in that process of tribulation, their anointing is revealed. Some overcome and flourish, some struggle and press on. In any case, the gift......the anointing is still very much present.

I just praise God that at least Whitney is finally in His presence, free from the drama and trauma of this realm. And more importantly, free from the damages to her voice. Now she can SING to his glory, with that voice!

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