Monday, November 14, 2011


Yes, Nov 15th is my birthday, and I turn 40.

What does turning 40 mean to me?

I am at peace with my spirituality, and I know I have no point to prove to anyone but simply to live out what I believe.
I have accepted that love hurts. The ones who love you the most hurt you the most. It comes with the territory, so I can either whine about it, or simply accept the fact of it, and deal with it.
I have also accepted that human beings are flawed, and that doesn't mean they are evil or vindictive. So I need to not define people by their flaws, but recognize that they are human, just as much as I am human and I have flaws. This is the hardest lesson to learn at this stage in my life.
And finally, I am recognizing that being a Christian doesn't mean I need to be myopic in my experiences. I love to travel, I love to experience new things in life, and explore every talent and gift in me, and that won't happen if I limit myself to a religious network.

So yes, turning 40 is a moment I'm enjoying, and exploring, and celebrating thru my faith!
Happy Birthday to ME!

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