Friday, July 29, 2011

A Prayer for Nigeria

"Heavenly Father, we praise you because you are the Father of Life. We bring this situation before you, and ask for your divine intervention. For every one who has been murdered, we pray your Spirit will minister to their families as only him can. Father, please send ministering angels to cater to them in this tragic time. Their well being and property we cover under the blood of Jesus

"And for the perpetrators of this horror, we pray that your vengeance will catch up with them, and overtake them. You promised that vengeance is yours, so we therefore come boldly to demand vengeance and retribution as only you can justly mete out to these people. The leaders, instigators and "brains" behind this whole movement, we surrender them to you. Let there be confusion in their planning; treachery, disloyalty, spies and traitors......let this be their portion, in the name of Jesus. As they conspire and scheme and plot, we prophesy FAILURE to their schemes.  As they sit there in evil wickeness plotting, let disorganisation and confusion be the fruits of their meeting. You have done it before in the past, so we know you can do it again, because you change not.
And for the followers who are stupidly being led, we pray that the veil over their eyes would be removed. Expose their wickedness to their hearts. Convict them of sin like only you can. As many as need to be arrested and jailed to come to their senses, let that be their portion. Whatever you will do, Lord, we plead with you to intervene. Just like Abraham dared to dissuade you from your objective, we humbly beg of you to swiftly intervene in Nigeria. Show your right hand. You are not impotent, or indifferent, neither are you disconnected from the cries of horror ascending to you.

"And we take authority over all the wicked spirits at work in the spirit realm. Whatever the names of these spirits working in heavenly realms, we raise up a standard against them in the name of Jesus. By the blood of the lamb we have overcome ALL the power of the enemy. Not some, but all. Therefore, we declare defeat to these evil spirits working thru these people. We arrest every single one of them, and command them to cease their devastation in Nigeria in Jesus name. Father, send forth warring angels to do battle on behalf of your people. This senseless loss of life and property has to cease!!! We declare it in the name of Jesus!

"We praise you o God, and we lift up our lives, our hands and our voices to you to honor you, and to show our full devotion and trust in you. Hallowed be your name. Let everything in us declare your praise, and trust wholly in you.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen"

Now forward this prayer to as many as you can. The effectual fervent prayers of christians avails much. Can you imagine a host of christians reading this prayer, and saying "AMEN" at the end in complete agreement? The devil is a liar!!!! He has lost!!!Simply copy and paste into your emails and just make this viral (or type up your own prayer and send. Either way, SEND A VIRAL PRAYER. We cant be silent and watch the enemy do havoc, and simply talk about it

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