Sunday, December 27, 2015


I used to think having influence was most relevant and important, until I saw a Mega pastor with worldwide influence, yet had become so secular, he did an unscriptural thing on national tv! Making me wonder how unscriptural his private life must be!
I used to think having fame was the sole quest of this career pursuit, until I saw how fame imprisoned, constraint and compromised people from being their authentic self. Bishop Blah blah blah is now a celebrity, caged in celebrity world, and a far cry from being a SERVANT like Christ.
I used to think having financial power was the start all and end all - the alpha and omega of it all - until I saw people with utmost financial power that were disdainful and disgusting on so many level. Hording millions of dollars, yet having the audacity to ask me to give more towards your vision and your kingdom agenda.
So what's the goal? Authenticity to who I am in Christ. Whether fame, influence or financial power comes or not, I have to be authentic to who I am in Christ, and authentic to the voice within me. Speak my truth, live my truth, be my truth.

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