Sunday, May 17, 2015

Unspeakable Indiscretions - The Movie

I remember before this movie was made, Eric Ramsey told me about it, and I thought it was ballsy to tackle this topic - the topic of molestation, and how easy it is for victim to become vampire, and continue the cycle of perpetration. This is one topic that makes us nervous and uncomfortable, and denial is the easiest way we know how to handle it.

As an Executive Producer of the film, Eric really tackled this topic head on, and even attempts to bring a solution or resolution at the end of the movie. He depicts the various faces of molestation, and how looks and appearances are deceiving.

Personally, as one who was molested and raped as a child, I am impressed that someone is tackling this topic head on, and not afraid to get his feet dirty. It stirred up memories of being naive and being susceptible, but more importantly, it reminded me of the healing I have experienced in and through Christ.

I would recommend this independent movie as a must see. The daunting task of addressing this topic with integrity, yet head on is rather impressive. Sure, those who want to be in denial of this societal issue, would dismiss it, but it takes courage to handle a sensitive and uncomfortable topic as this the way it was handled. Kudos, Eric, kudos.

Eric Ramsey is @EricTheRamster on Twitter and Instagram.



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