Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky sentenced. So is it over?

Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty, and condemned to spend the rest of his life in jail. The accusations against him were really condemning, especially the ones of him sodomizing underaged boys. *Sigh!*

The unfortunate thing about molestation is the tendency for it to be a vicious cycle. I wouldn't be surprised if Sandusky himself was molested as a child. Which means his victims are now burdened with the responsibility of not only attempting to repair the damage inflicted on them psychologically, emotionally as well as in their sexuality, now they have to find the conviction and virtue in them not to repeat the cycle all over. Does any young person deserve to be "cursed" into such a life? The sad and disheartening thing is, abuse and molestation happens more rampantly than we dare to admit to ourselves, sometimes right under our very noses. Vampires preying on the innocent, tainting and corrupting their virgin souls, only to have these fractured children morph into vampires themselves, and preying on others......sometimes transcending several generations. 

How do we even begin to address this? If Sandusky had sought help for his vampire tendencies, would he have been embraced or vilified? A crack head can come out and seek help, and not be forever stigmatized. Can a pedophile come out of the closet and seek help without being demonized?

And that's where the problem lies. These vampires will continue to stalk vulnerable prey unless we can find a way of dealing with this scourge - having some sort of rehabilitating solution. And it starts with CONVERSATION. The shame and guilt of being a victim or vampire has to be confronted to be erased. Oprah attempted to talk with some vampires in rehab on her show, without vilifying them. In the end, I don't know if they came off as people afflicted with a compulsion (victims in need of help), or just shady conniving bloodthirsty vampires. And I most definitely am not sure THE CHURCH can dare to be so "love-thy-enemy" minded, when it is still hung up on crucifying gay people.

Child molestation is such a messed up situation. Nothing but victims all around. Some find healing, and are able to live "normal" lives; some live broken lives, forever afflicted by their childhood trauma; others devolve into becoming what happened to them.


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