Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin Justice rally in DC 3/24/2012

I attended the rally this weekend, and there was a lot of empathy for the cry out for justice on this young man's death. I was significantly affected by one of the speakers who passionately implored us to quit being passively tolerant of ANY form of injustice. Yes, we are up in arms because a man of another race has killed a black youth. What about the black man who shoots down the black youth? Is that supposed to be more acceptable? Are we suddenly up in arms now because it is a racial thing, or a profiled killing? And after Zimmerman is brought to justice, what then? Do we return back to our complacency with black on black senseless killings?
I found I was guilty of such a complacency. If I heard on the news that some black youth killed another black youth in DC, I would brush it off as just another occurrence. And that is WRONG. Accepting injustice and the death of any innocent person should never be the norm.

Another thing I got from this rally was, as a Christian, I know everyone is born with a purpose. And I believe in some way, Trayvon's destiny was to spark a social awakening. Most times, a revolutionary often sows his life to affect change. This 17 year old may have lost his life to some trigger happy "vigilante", yet he is influencing a  social awakening and conversation that many people will never be able to do though they may live well into their 80s! Just 17 years, yet his life is affecting and influencing some form of change.
That is what I choose to focus and celebrate.

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