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How do you know or find out what your calling is in the Kingdom?
This is the question I have been getting a lot of emails on from many young people, and even some older ones. So I will attempt to give PRACTICAL suggestions and examples to answer this

1. What do you have a passion for?
This is the first clear indicator of what your calling in the kingdom might be. Being an excellent singer could be being involved in the worship/music ministry, superficially speaking. On a more deeper level, it would mean being available to prophesy or proclaim the gospel to an audience. Sometimes operating in your passion might not be as clear cut as this example. In such a situation, find a way to do what feels most natural to you. A shy and timid person might choose to sit at the back of a church and refuse to get involved in serving in that church, yet this person might be more at ease writing letters or emails to people about Christ.
Do what comes most naturally to you.

2. What area of service is available for you to serve in?
You may have a wonderful voice to sing, but your church has no choir, or you love to teach, and there is no room for teachers. Find an available area to serve, and start there. Its just like your career. You may have wanted to be a news anchor, but most times you dont get hired as that. You have to work your way into that position. Same way with the kingdom. God doesnt just pick you up and place you to be in charge of your ministry. You have to start somewhere, and that place might be somewhere you dont really like. David shepherded sheep, but his calling was to be a king. Start serving somewhere!

3.No service, No calling
If you are not currently involved in some area of service in the kingdom, chances are you will never find your calling. For those of you sitting tight and waiting for an international ministry to open up for you, keep dreaming. Promotion only comes while you are in service, even if it is in an area you are not excited about. Sitting at home doing church on the internet, and not investing yourself in some form of service in the kingdom is equivalent to doing nothing. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it, and your guidance and direction into your calling will happen as you do it. As you serve, God aligns things to work out and usher you into your calling.

4. Fearlessness
When God decides to lead you into your purpose, it could appear daunting and scary. It may be something nobody has ever done before, and the reputed Christians around you may criticize it because no one has done it before. Yet if you have a peace of mind and a desire to do it every time you pray about it, and it is in line with God's word, GO AHEAD AND DO IT!
I remember when I started my online ministry, everyone around me were like "Huh? An online ministry? How valid is that?". I didnt really see anyone on MySpace doing what I had in mind, but I jumped out and started it anyhow. Fastforward to now, and everyone on Facebook and Twitter is using social media to share the gospel. So follow your heart and do whatever the Lord is leading you, even if everyone around you is a critic, and no one around you pats you on the back.

5. Mentors
Like the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever you secretly desire, chances are someone out there has or is doing something remotely similar to it. Learn from people in your desired field. Befriend them, and appreciate them. Take what will help you, and discard what wont. Be be willing to learn, and be open minded. You cant learn if you dont appreciate the source; and you most certainly will poison your calling if you steal and dont credit your source, or you attempt to put others down to promote yourself. Thats why a lot of ministries have a glossy look, but are graveyards! Remember your calling in the kingdom can only be effective if it operates in love. Not selfish ambition, but agape love rooted in the truth.

6. Prayer Prayer Prayer
We cant avoid this. Matter of fact, this should be the ignition to it all. You cant find your calling if you do everything else and you are not committed to talking with the Father about it. So even as you explore your passions, the opportunities around you, the people around you who can assist you, the institutions available to you, the resources at your disposal.......remember the Holy Spirit. He is the ANOINTING, the power, the grace and the favor to your calling.

I hope this helps you young folks (and some of you older ones) who are trying to figure out your calling in the Kingdom.

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  1. wow, thats great stuff right there, thanx man of God


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