Friday, January 13, 2012

A Prayer for Nigeria

"Father, we pray for Nigeria. As complex and complicated as resolution of nigerias issues appear, we know that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with u. There is no situation that is daunting before you. Therefore we declare your will be done in Nigeria. We exercise authority over every devil and corruption inspired storms raging in Nigeria. We uproot from power every corruption motivated leader in positions of authority. We unleash your verdict of vindication over them, and declare in the name of Jesus that leaders with integrity and moral be raised up in their stead. We receive your grace for those struggling to make ends meet - the man, woman, boy, girl and family trying to survive one day in peace. Father, we speak grace and peace over them in Jesus name. No devil inspired plans will prosper in Nigeria. Arise O God, and let ur right hand be demonstrated in Nigeria. The days of miracles are not over, and so by faith we expect a divine intervention. In Jesus name"

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