Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chaz Bono - it is what it is

Okay, Chaz Bono's (formerly Chastity Bono) appearing on "Dancing with the Stars", has really become a circus. The one thing I find amusing is, mainstream media seem to criticize people who are complaining about his appearing on the show, yet aren't these people entitled to their beliefs? The same way Chaz is entitled to his belief and choices to live his life like he wants to, changing his gender from female to male, same way these people are entitled to hold on to their belief system.

A christian who chooses to disapprove of Chaz Bono's transgender lifestyle, has the absolute freedom to live by his beliefs. Just as it takes courage for Chaz to live his life, it takes courage for one to live by one's faith and beliefs, regardless of what society keeps thundering. Fear has absolutely nothing to do with it. We christians live by the bible, and expecting us to throw away our convictions in an attempt to "normalize" things is a lost quest. Our belief systems are often regarded as archaic because we don't embrace premarital sex, homosexuality, Friday night debauchery, etc, but that doesn't mean we HATE people who indulge in that. Some of us have dabbled in these, but were transformed in our new birth in Christ. Being a born again Christian is not being myopic or narrow minded, or insensitive to sexuality/identity issues. It simply means we choose to live by a new set of convictions through the bible. It is not about being contemporary, but being saved through the renewing of our minds by the Word. And of course the world considers this narrow minded and unenlightened, but that's a choice committed to freely, and we really are not asking for the world's validation.

So please, get it correct. Nobody hates Chaz Bono. Does his lifestyle have to be celebrated by everyone? Absolutely not. We don't have to praise and celebrate him for living a lifestyle our faith and belief system does not approve of. Choosing not to applaud him is not hateful, it simply is just a fact. Just as the world choosing not applaud our Christian convictions is a fact.


  1. Amen I am with you on that.
    So many times others say they are offended by a Christians way of thinking & our beliefs. To which I informed them that I am offended that you now have disregarded my longstanding belief & now want to criticize us for going along with the word of the Most High God that has been around before any of you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye, That has been the accepted norm for 2000 years. I Ain't studdin ya!!!


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