Saturday, December 4, 2010

To commit suicide......or not.

 In November 1990, two young men faced a worldwide scandal and disgrace. They were the most derided and humiliated duo in popular culture. They lost millions of dollars, lost their Grammy award, lost their reputation, lost it all, and were hated by all. One decided the scandal, shame, humiliation and embarrassment was too much to take - he committed suicide. The other chose to endure and hang in there.
20 years later, the shame, humiliation, embarrassment and pain seems like a distant yesterday. Fabrice Morvan has a new life. I read in this weeks People Magazine that he is still recording music, and performing in clubs.
Goes to show that no matter how global and affecting the shame and humiliation is, there can be life afterwards. Suicide is NEVER an answer. There can be life after a personal tragedy, no matter how much despair is involved.

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