Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World AIDS Day

So Dec 1st is the day set aside every year to raise awareness on AIDS. Sadly enough, in this new millenium, we still have people plagued with gross ignorance, and primitive myths. Simple-minded as it may appear for people living in third world countries to have very archaic and almost primordial educational awareness on AIDS, it may be forgivable. What is grossly embarrassing is for people living in the west having similar ignorant and backward views. And for the church/ christian community to sit moping on the sidelines, is equally embarrassing.

The reality is, ignorance and denial is the life force in the spread of this disease. As long as we pretend that it is a disease plaguing "those people", then we would continue to be myopic in our awareness, and the disease will continue to claim more and more victims. The reality is, it is closer than we choose to embrace. The brother or sister sitting next to us in church could be HIV+ or even be asymptomatic with AIDS.

Get yourself educated. There should be no reason for anyone to have internet access, and still be grossly ignorant about AIDS. Get tested. Just because he/she looks like a pinup model of the month, doesnt mean they might not have had an unsafe sexual encounter sometime in the past. And for crying out loud, having HIV is not a death sentence! Just like people live long healthy lives with diabetes management or any other "acceptable" health issue, people can live healthy lives with HIV as long as it is being managed. Just look at Magic Johnson.

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